Adastra Public Relations prides itself in being well-versed in effective media relations and a vast array of communications services tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Like any successful campaign, you begin with the end in mind by setting focused, time-oriented goals. We ask:

• What reputation do you wish to own?

• What audience should we aim for to achieve such a reputation?

• What media outlets will reach such an audience?

• What story angles would most interest this media?


You and your organization can expect any or all of the following services:

• Strategic Planning

• Product Positioning

• Creative, Development, Design and Production

• Interactive and Multimedia Development

• Market Research

• Development of marketing plan to include public relations and advertising

• Initiatives (turnkey implementation)

• Identification of marketing goals and gaps

• Creation of media information kit

• Distribution of information to targeted print and electronic media, including   

   business specific publications (magazines, trade journals, industry



Media relations management:

• Weekly trade newspapers

• Magazines (local, regional, national)

• Daily newspapers

• Television (local and national)

• Internet Communication

• Trade Publications

• Speaking engagements to target audience conventions/major industry meetings

• Business to business communications

• Planning of communications objectives

• Promotional support of trade shows and other industry events

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